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People intelligence -
from people insights to business impact

We use your employee feedback to achieve measurable success. Designed specifically for SMEs. Our approach is based on science paired with technology - so you can identify problems, spot untapped opportunities and determine where to take action.

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Sound decision-making for HR and managers

Business success through targeted HR initiatives

We enable HR managers to add value to their company's success - by analysing correlations and dependencies between HR data and business results.

Meet the atwork suite

Measure-Act-Impact - Continuously measure, derive actions and track the impact

A truly holistic approach to measuring employee feedback and taking action in a self-optimized way.

Our framework - combination of business & HR metrics and their influencing factors

Our holistic framework combines scientific models of several critical HR topics with questions and recommendations to enhance both HR and business metrics - outlining interconnections, dependencies and root causes.

Science and technology - scientific research paired with cutting-edge technology

Based on research and studies, the most relevant HR challenges are finally combined into one model and brought to life with easy-to-use technology - powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The 360° health check from atwork

Check your organization’s well-being holistically with atwork's unique 360° health check

Start with your organizational health check now. This status quo analysis covers several different HR and business metrics and their key influencing factors - using selected questions of atwork’s holistic framework. Identify root causes, interdependencies and opportunities – and follow-up with targeted pulse surveys.

Launch pulse surveys on critical HR topics

You already know which topics you want to focus on?

Discover the connections between HR and business success. In addition to our 360° Health Check, we offer in-depth, detailed pulse surveys on Work Engagement, Organisational Commitment and Psychological Safety.

"The flexible and uncomplicated cooperation with atwork is fun. With great commitment, they take up our requests and individual needs and implement them quickly."
Tanja Mäder, Project Manager at Energie 360° AG
"What I appreciate about the cooperation is the friendly and helpful contact. All requests are quickly and well implemented. We always have the impression that the interests of our company and our target group are prioritized."
Markus Rostock, Marketing & Support Training at Merck

Start now

Start with assessing the status quo of your company. Continuous measurement is a simple yet powerful tool that every company can leverage. Our measurement solution for SMEs covers all essential HR topics and its influencing factors - allowing you to identify root causes and opportunities to achieve business success.

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