Marco Meister

Employee communication for all - how do you connect teams to promote good collaboration?

May 25, 2021

Our mission is to connect all employees. Our communication app connects blue- and white-collar employees with each other.

Worldwide, around two billion people work without an office workstation in the company for which they work. These are so-called "unconnected employees". Many of them are field workers and constantly on the move. Others work in distant countries, and still others work from their home office, work part-time or as freelancers.

Connecting blue- and white collar employees

The percentage of so-called non-desk employees will continuously increase in the next years. In addition, it’s precisely this flexible approach to work that young employees demand: they want to be assessed by their performance and not by how many hours they spend chained to their desks.

Communicating with non-desk employees is a challenge for any company: many of them don’t have computers or a company e-mail-address. The majority communicated with colleagues via smartphone, WhatsApp or Messenger. However, research shows that the affected employees would like to have more direct communication with their employers and better communication in the workplace in general.

One app for all employees

At atwork we pursue the mission of connecting all employees. It is our goal to connect the external employees with the rest. We offer various technological solutions for this purpose. For example, employees can exchange information via our communication app and also log in at installed terminals in the company. For security reasons in particular, it is crucial that employees do not use any private services, but rather company-owned or approved external services. The mapping of the organisational structure in the app makes it possible to distribute the content to the various locations, departments, teams and groups in a targeted manner. In this way, the person concerned only receives content that is relevant to him or her.

With our communication app, employees can be kept up to date on all the latest news, regardless of where they work. A spontaneous aperitif is being held at the headquarters in the cafeteria? No problem, the invitation is also sent out to the employees in a timely manner. The app keeps everyone informed about organisational matters, employee activities, surveys, events and announcements. The company can ensure, for example, that new employees are introduced to their teams, praise can be given, business successes celebrated and important information shared. This connects. Thanks to the app's customised software functionalities, we enable companies to successfully engage their employees.

Regardless of employees working a floor or a country apart: they should be engaged in the company they are a part of. The two billion people without their own office desks could be brought closer together in the future. If not physically, then virtually. We create closeness with our communication app – with little effort, but a measurable effect on employee satisfaction, efficiency and engagement.

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The five prerequisites for employee engagement

Whether in academia or in practice, employee engagement is becoming increasingly important. How can HR managers sustainably promote the engagement of their employees?

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