360° HR perspective on your business

Much more than just HR analytics

We cover a wide range of HR topics in our framework that are crucial for your business success. In addition to a holistic status quo analysis, we offer in-depth pulse surveys on selected topics.

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Organizational Health Check

Work Engagement

Psychological Safety

Organizational Commitment

atwork's 360° health check

The 360° health check covers both critical HR and business metrics such as employee turnover, work engagement and organisational commitment. Thanks to our interconnected framework, analyze the areas where you are performing well, identify problem areas early enough and capture their true causes.

Measure and evaluate critical HR topics

What challenges do you face in your company?

You already know which areas you want to focus on? Besides our 360° health check, we provide you with deep-dive pulse surveys on work engagement, organizational commitment and psychological safety.

Drive work engagement – plus track its impact on the overall company performance

Leadership, performance, the social environment and the individual role within the company are the most important influencing factors of work engagement.

Are responsibilities and the job role clearly defined? Do your employees see the purpose in their daily work? How strong is the team spirit?

Work engagement is much more than just employee feedback. It includes emotional, cognitive and physical dimensions. See how it influences other HR topics within your company and how it contributes to overall company success.

Psychological safety as the foundation for a healthy company culture

Psychological safety influences overall trust, team performance and quality of work. Key influencing factors and influencers of psychological safety are the social environment, the job and the integration in the team.

Does the employee feel safe trying out new ways of working? Does the employee have the freedom to experiment? Is there room for new ideas?

Psychological safety also has an impact on work engagement, organisational commitment and business success. How is your company's turnover affected by psychological safety?

Strengthen organisational commitment and reduce employee turnover

Organisational commitment is one of the most important aspects in human resources. It also affects the work-related behaviour as well as the overall well-being of the employee.

Besides the manager's leadership skills and the job, personal and professional development opportunities are crucial. Clear responsibilities in the company and social integrity are two other areas you should prioritize.

Do you offer your employees development opportunities? Do you support your employees and clearly define roles and responsibilities?

You might not yet have the answer to all of those questions, but with the atwork Suite, you’ll be sure to get there.

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Launch your first organizational health check, following up with targeted pulse surveys. Our platform provides you with recommendations on which areas you should take a closer look at. Start taking targeted action and track its impact – continuously improving your HR and business metrics.

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