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Many companies already look at individual HR metrics in isolation in order to increase the overall company success. We are convinced that a holistic view of the interrelationships between different HR and business metrics is necessary in order to be able to draw conclusions about the company's success.

Your benefits of working with atwork

Start measuring and improving your HR and business metrics holistically - making sure your organization is always performing towards the right objectives.  

Feedback in real time

Learn about your business from an HR perspective by getting real-time employee feedback based on our framework

Basis for action

Identify challenges and concrete opportunities faster - and understand where to take action

Various topics

Measure and improve critical HR topics such as work engagement, psychological safety and organisational commitment


Benchmark your results against your own company as well as other companies across different industries


Create your own survey landscape that lets you derive the most accurate and company-specific follow-up actions to achieve the desired impact


Act with a clear goal in mind

The system of Measure-Act-Impact by atwork is the first truly holistic approach combining HR and business metrics, enabled through a science-based framework: We measure the status quo of your employee’s well-being across different HR topics to support you with insights on where to start taking targeted action – while tracking your progress and showing you the impact of your actions.

Measure: Listen to your employees

We help you measure the status quo of critical HR and business metrics such as work engagement, psychological safety, organizational commitment, and turnover. How? By providing you with targeted, science-based pulse surveys and available passive data in your HR core systems.

Act (coming soon): From dialogue to actions.

Receive science-based and data-driven recommendations from pulse check findings – allowing you to seamlessly plan, execute and communicate targeted actions. Achieve measurable HR and business outcomes and track your own strategic initiatives.

Impact (coming soon)

With the atwork Suite, you can identify changes in critical HR and business metrics at an early stage - by continuously assessing the impact of your actions and combining them with historical as well as current data.

Our framework

Identify root causes and learn where to start tackling them the most effectively

Our holistic approach looks at both HR and business metrics. This allows the relevant key factors to be identified and addressed - because that is exactly what atwork stands for. Our Measure-Act-Impact system and the underlying holistic framework stand for much more than just pulse surveys.

Identify connections and dependencies

atwork's holistic approach connects existing models that view and evaluate HR and business metrics in isolation - by explaining the interrelationships and interdependencies. The model adapts to your organization's needs and reveals even more precise paths to your HR and business success.

Determine concrete measures

We not only help you to understand root causes of problem areas, but also how to tackle them in the most efficient way. To best derive actions, we split our model into a macro, meso and micro level. The macro level shows problem areas and opportunities on an organizational level, whereas the meso and micro level identify challenges and opportunities on a social, job and personal level.

Start now

Start with the 360° Health Check from atwork. This status quo analysis with a variety of selected questions offers a holistic view of all relevant HR topics in your company as well as their impact on selected business metrics.

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